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Experience Elixir!

Partake of a musical elixir...
Elixir is now in its fifth full season of presenting gems of the chamber music repertoire 
for piano and strings.  Relax and enjoy the magnificent concert grand piano and the
wonderful acoustics of historic Convocation Hall at the University of Saskatchewan.
Expand your knowledge through Elixir’s interesting commentary on the pieces being
performed. Be inspired by internationally trained Elixir artists who bring their concert
experience and love of music to Saskatchewan audiences and beyond.

Tickets available now online!
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April 19, 2014: "French Fantasies"

Elixir performers:

Oxana Ossiptchouk, violin
James Legge, viola
Scott McKnight, cello
Kathleen Solose, piano

"a concert of exceptional quality - an elixir for the soul!"



Brahms Piano Quartet in C minor
Excerpt from 3rd movement
Excerpt from 4th movement